Friday, August 16, 2013

Expectations For Fins?

When you drop over 200 million dollars in one offseason you have to think the sky is the limit for any team. Then, why is there so much hesitation about the miami dolphins being a real contender this year? You can look at the several training camp injuries as a possibility or the fact that they're starting quarterback is just a second year guy with some accuracy problems. One thing remains clear, after a decade plus of losing seasons the Dolphins are sick of it. No one has jumped on their bandwagon yet because of a lot of issues, but i'm on it and I believe in them.

The dolphins defense has never been the problem. They got solid contributions for several different players throughout the past few years. It is the offensive struggles that kept them in the basement. Now with a speedy and strong receiver in Mike Wallace, a confident Brian Hartline coming off a career season, and the signing of tight end Dustin Keller, Ryan Tannehill has a lot of room for improvement. Another plus was moving on from Reggie Bush at running back. The question remains whether Lamar Miller can spend into his role and produce? Unfortunately, it could be hard for Tannehill and Miller to produce if their offensive line can't hold up their end. Several injuries halt the progress of this team, but while getting members back like John Jerry (although he isn't 100% yet) and having a solid center in Mike Pouncey and a good tackle in Richie Incognito is good, they need more. Johnathan Martin is doing fine, but has massive shoes to fill now that Jake Long is gone. Nate Garner should be back by week 1, and week 2 at the latest, but they are definitely depleted right now.

It is a waiting game, as it always is in the NFL, but i believe once the dust settles and the regular season is in full swing you will see the real potential this team has of being a threat in the AFC.

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  1. Not a bad analysis and I agree that the offensive line (the ones that get the least amount of credit as well as pay) will be a big factor if the Dolphins are competitive in the AFC East. However considering the other teams in the division, I see the Pats and Dolphins being 1 and 2 respectively.